How Sub-Zero is Transforming the Indian Kitchen

Most of us have vivid memories of a small kitchen we grew up with. All it had was a basic refrigerator, a cooking range and, at the most, a dishwasher.

In contrast, look at today’s kitchen, which serves as the showplace of the home. Here, responsive appliances help cooks reach their full creative potential and guests appreciate the finer details of life. A variety of exquisitely designed equipment has replaced the traditional, mundane kitchen accessories.

What has caused this transformation?

Changing lifestyles, yes. Increasing disposable income, yes.

And finally, 70 years of dedication of the Sub-Zero Wolf brand to transform the kitchen experience.

Stubborn Focus on Quality

We expect a long life from their kitchen appliances. With decades of experience in delivering long-lasting appliances, Sub-Zero Wolf always aims high. All our products are built in our own facilities, thus given us full control over quality. We use only premium grade materials and provide the most detailed craftsmanship.
All products are lab-tested under extreme conditions. Every part of the products is tested thoroughly prior to assembly. And once assembled, every finished product is tested extensively for dependability.

It is this focus to quality and perfection that has inspired customers to go beyond a basic, functional kitchen, and look for one that meets their aesthetic and design expectations and gives them years of satisfaction.

Unshakable Commitment to Innovation

Ever since our Founder set out to redefine refrigeration, we’ve never stopped finding new ways to maintain the freshness and taste of your food and wine. We are the pioneers of dual refrigeration system, which uses two distinct, self-contained cooling systems to maintain the freshness of food and to preserve frozen food for longer periods.

We are also credited with developing an innovative air filtration system that’s inspired by NASA technology. This unique filter reduces the effect of ethylene gas, thereby increasing the life of food and also reducing odors with smart removal of bacteria, mold and viruses.

Even the doors of our refrigerators are unique with highly secured seals. As a result, even after facing multiple days of power outages, our customers have not experienced any thawing in frozen foods.

Iconic Designs

Sub-Zero & Wolf are renowned for their iconic and unique designs. Our dual-refrigerator with the iconic Sub-Zero look is one of the most imitated designs ever for a home product.

Over the past 70 years, we have constantly evolved our design leadership to keep up with changing trends and lifestyles. Integrated refrigeration, which blends in naturally with the kitchen’s décor, gives freedom from the traditional notion of a freestanding refrigerator, which looked like the “odd one out” in the kitchen. With Sub-Zero Wolf, the kitchen can have the same attractive look as the rest of the home.

Our approach to design has been appreciated across the world, including by legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright who trusted Sub-Zero equipment for his visionary home designs.

Soulmates in Kitchen

In 2000, Wolf became a part of Sub-Zero, bringing two iconic brands together to create the ultimate cooking experience. At that time, we launched more than 50 new product lines of Wolf in one go. Even after almost two decades, the kitchen appliances industry is in awe of the sheer scale of the launch.

Wolf offers highly specialized kitchen equipment with extremely user-friendly technology that gives accurate control to the user. For more than eight decades, Wolf has been a trusted companion for commercial kitchens.

With the same spirit of innovation and quality, Wolf and Sub-Zero are the perfect soul mates in the kitchen.

MilestonesBrief History of Our Company


Sub-Zero and Wolf started the introduction of its new generation, a series of products featuring more than 70 appliances engineered to excel in both performance and design. This product rollout is the largest in the company’s 70-year history. The new generation of Sub-Zero products includes even more advanced preservation features and sizes in the integrated refrigeration line up. They co-ordinate seamlessly with Wolf’s new products, which feature new exterior styles and refinements in performance.


Top Products India Pvt. Ltd. Launches its second showroom In New Delhi.


Top Products India Pvt. Ltd. Launches Sub-zero Wolf In India at its Mumbai showroom.


An antimicrobial air purification system based on NASA technology was introduced. The technology scrubs the air of ethylene gas as well as mould, viruses, and bacteria.


Sub-Zero unveiled PRO 48 professional- style refrigeration. The PRO 48 has stainless steel inside and out, and consumes less energy than a 100-watt bulb over the course of one year.


Sub-Zero acquired Wolf, a brand synonymous with professional cooking equipment for more than 70 years.


The entirely new concept of integrated refrigeration was unveiled through the 700 Series of modular units. The 700 Series represented “point of use” refrigeration that blended seamlessly into any décor. The series included the new concept of refrigerator and freezer drawer units, transcending the idea that all food must be stored in one place within.


The company developed a built-in refrigerator, a unit that fit within a counter and cabinet space, thus reinventing kitchen design.


Westye launched Sub-Zero Freezer Company, introducing the first refrigerator that preserved food at ultra-low, or literally sub-zero, temperatures.


Westye built his first freestanding freezer in his basement, using scrap metal and bare-handedly bending the coils.


Westye Bakke, our Founder, started experimenting with refrigeration to find an improved way of storing insulin for his son Bud, who was being treated for juvenile diabetes. Existing refrigerators of that time could not be trusted for preserving medicines for long, and Bakke was determined to solve this challenge.