01 Overview

Wolf Dual Fuel ranges deliver the best of both worlds. Above, the fine control of Wolf's patented Dual-stacked gas burners, with a choice of surface options such as a French Top, Charbroiler or Griddle; all designed to provide perfect cooking. Below, the self-cleaning, dual convection electric oven, with its two fans, four heating elements and ten cooking modes.

Large enough to hold a 30kg roast, it has an ergonomic flip down control panel and digital temperature read-out controls that allows cooks to check the oven's status, without the need to bend down. The 1219mm wide model offers four surface configurations and one goal: perfect results every time.

02 Features


Use dual convection for virtually any baking, roasting, or broiling you do. You’ll see (and taste) levels of consistency and guesswork-free precision you never knew were possible. That’s because of an innovative technology, exclusive to Wolf, that uses two fans and multiple heating elements to control heat and airflow more precisely and produce more uniform temperature without the hot and cool spots common with less sophisticated single convection systems. Bake three racks of cookies without even having to rotate the trays.


Most ovens treat different cooking processes – baking and roasting, a pie or a prime rib – as if they were the same. Far from it. The Wolf dual convection oven offers 10 cooking modes, so every preparation you create gets exactly the heat and airflow it needs for delicious results. Select a mode such as convection roast, enter a temperature with the control knob or keypad, and voila. Deliciousness is on the way…


Look closely at the gas burners on a Wolf dual fuel range. They’re called dual-stacked, sealed burners. See the two tiers of flame ports? One delivers higher heat; the other comes on for lower heat settings. Turn it way up for high-kW searing heat. Twist that red knob the other way and you can instantly have the merest breath of flame for simmering without boiling and melting without scorching. And the continuum of control you have in between – it’s like nothing you’ve ever cooked with before


The “sealed” part of dual-stacked, sealed burners refers to the burners’ setting within a sealed drip pan. Sloshes and spills stay right there for fast, easy cleanups.


The 4.8 kW French Top is an optional feature that provides a 56cm cooking surface. The concentric rings allow for the surface to expand with the heat while remaining flat. The rings also provide thermal breaks in the cast iron that distribute the heat in a graduated intensity, hottest in the center and coolest around the edges.


This product, along with many other Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances are certified as Sabbath and holiday-compliant by Star-K Kosher Certification. Certified appliances meet strict religious regulations in conjunction with specific instructions found on www.star-k.org.


  • Red, black or stainless steel control knobs with infinite control.
  • Hydraulic, load bearing dampened door.
  • Hidden bake element and recessed broil element.
  • Large viewing, triple-pane window and dual halogen interior lights
  • blue, porcelain oven interior
  • Digital Temperature probe
  • 2 x Pyrolitic self-cleaning oven (98 litre)
  • 1 x full width cobalt blue baking tray
  • Delayed start, timed cook and Sabbath features
  • Six-level rack guides with two adjustable oven racks
  • Full extension ball bearing oven rack
  • True simmer setting on all burners, melt setting on the smallest burner.
  • Automatic flame re-ignition
  • Flame recognition
  • 3 phase compatible
  • Star K certified


Hand-made in the USA, Sub-Zero outperforms and outlasts. Built to last 20+ years, we use only superior grade components. Every single unit is rigorously tested before it’s released from our factory. Our engineers perform intense reliability testing to indentify. potential problem areas, before they show up in your home, all with the goal of making every Sub-Zero last not just for years but for decades.


At Sub-Zero and Wolf, we’re committed to providing the best warranty coverage and owner service in the industry. If you have any questions, please contact our customer care team on 022-61311411


  • Height 937 (mm)
  • Energy Class E/F large, C/D small
  • Electrical Load 35 (Amp)
  • Heating Elements 4 (Qty)
  • Burner Large 3 x 4.8 (kW)
  • Oven Usable Volume 61 + 111 (L)
  • Infrared Teppan Yaki 5.6 (kW)
  • Width 1216 (mm)
  • Transport Weight 301 (kg)
  • Electrical Connection 40 (Amp)
  • Convection Yes
  • Burners Small 1 x 2.7 (kW)
  • Oven 1 Interior Large 635 x 419 x 483 (WxHxD mm)
  • Depth 749 (mm)
  • Voltage 220-240 (V)
  • Door Clearance 495 (mm)
  • Oven Grill Yes
  • Infrared Grill 5.6 (kW)
  • Oven 2 Interior Small 356 x 419 x 483 (WxHxD mm)


Red Knob Kit

For the 1219mm and 1524mm Dual Fuel range

SN: 817228

Black Knob Kit

For the 1219mm and 1524mm Dual Fuel range

SN: 817227

Brass Bezel Kit

Used For 1219, 1524mm Dual Fuel & 1219mm Rangetop

SN: 804379

Chrome Bezel Kit

Used For 1219, 1524mm Dual Fuel & 1219mm Rangetop

SN: 804385

Bake Stone Kit

For E Series ovens, 762mm, 1219mm and 1524mm Dual Fuel ranges models, from serial number: 16000000 onwards.

SN: 807143


Grill Pan

For the 457mm oven of the Dual Fuel range 1219mm.

SN: 819376

Dehydration Kit

Three dehydration racks and door stop to dry herbs, fruits and tomatoes, for the small oven of the 1219mm Dual Fuel range

SN: 804893

Full-Extension Ball Bearing Oven Rack

Telescopic rack for 1219mm and 1524mm Dual Fuel

SN: 812694


Two-Burner S-Grate

Two burner S-grate for dual fuel range and sealed burner rangetop 914mm and 1219mm

SN: 804373

Two-Burner Wok Grate

Wok grate for dual fuel range and sealed burner rangetop 914mm and 1219mm

SN: 804372

Baking Tray

Official Wolf cobalt blue baking tray 576mm W x 349mm D x 35mm H

SN: 815877

Temperature Probe

One included with each E series oven and Dual Fuel range.

SN: 823261

Stainless Steel Knob Kit

For the 1219mm and 1524mm Dual Fuel range

SN: 819992

Oven Rack Set (3)

A set of three stainless steel, adjustable oven racks. For 1219mm (457mm Small Oven) Dual Fuel range.

SN: 804374

Oven Rack Set (3)

A set of three stainless steel, adjustable oven racks. For 762mm, 1219mm (762mm Large Oven) and 1524mm Dual Fuel range.

SN: 804375

Wolf BBQ 3-Piece Set

This set includes spatula, tongs and fork. Each piece is made of high-quality steel with wood handles.