Side-by-Side Refrigerator Freezer With Solid Door


W: 1219mm
H: 2134mm
D: 656mm

Side-by-Side Refrigerator Freezer With Glass Door


W: 1219mm
H: 2134mm
D: 656mm

Think of the PRO 48 as an 800-pound monument to food storage – equal parts sculpted in a  metal design statement and culinary secret weapon. Dual refrigeration keeps the humid side humid for fresh foods, dry side dry for convenience and frozen foods – and everything fresh for longer.


Pro 48 Refrigerator is the elite model of the Sub-Zero. Its introduction created quite a step among design experts. You can see why. It is composed of 100% solid steel, comes in two different versions with one having the additional feature of a glass door. Freezer on the left. Refrigerator on the right. High performance through and through. Its vast interior, like its bold exterior, is designed of stainless steel. Available with or without a glass door, the PRO 48 may be built-in or freestanding using a kit.

Positively design-forward, the PRO 48 also embodies the Sub-Zero philosophy of “Freshness above all” with details such as smooth-glide crisper drawers with a glass lid that seals tight. Also, the available glass door has a food preservation feature: built-in resistance to ultraviolet light. The refrigerator is designed to help you store all your favorite ingredients smoothly and to make usage easy.

With over 30 cu. ft. of storage, the PRO 48 holds a breathtaking collection of foods and keeps it all fresh as the day it was caught or picked. Dual Refrigeration with three evaporators and two compressors provide just the right environment for fresh or frozen foods and prevents odor transfer. A magnetic door seal system keeps your food fresh or frozen even if your electricity goes out. It is the biggest, freshest, boldest Sub-Zero of all.

Triple Evaporators For Ultimate Freshness

Stainless steel from inside and out, the PRO 48 features a refrigeration system improved with triple evaporators, which allows storage conditions in the main refrigerator compartment, the refrigerator drawers, and freezer storage each to be adjusted separately. Each type of food is guarded in the proper storage environment.

Unambiguously Design-Forward

PRO 48 is Sub-Zero’s most aggressive design statement, in sculpted stainless steel. Every single detail from handles to hinges to grill has been thoughtfully invented and beautifully hand-finished in our American manufacturing facilities. Seeing it in your kitchen, you will feel a special pride in owning and using such an iconic American product.

PRO 48 Features –

Dual Refrigeration Keeps Food Fresher Longer: In Sub-Zero PRO 48, the refrigerator and freezer areas each have their own dedicated, sealed system with compressor and evaporator. So fresh foods get humid yet chilly climate they need while frozen and convenience foods get dry, frigid air to prevent freezer burn and decay. Apart from that, the PRO 48 also has a third evaporator for the refrigerator drawers to produce its own higher-humidity environment to keep it fresher longer.

Microprocessor Control Guarantees Peak Performance: State of the art microprocessor constantly monitors each section of your Sub-Zero for focus climate control and has an interior touch control panel for easy adjustments.

Flexible Organization: Shelves are adjustable and giving you multiple organizational options, interior drawer dividers can be used in either refrigerator drawer.

Touch And Glide Crisper Drawer: Open easily, but closes with a tight seal to keep produce fresher longer.

Exterior Temperature Display: Digital displays which are separate for refrigerator and freezer are clean and easy to read.

Over 30 Cu. Ft. Of Storage: It is the most capacious Sub-Zero refrigerator of them all, with 18.5 cu. ft. of refrigerator capacity and 11.7 cu. ft. of freezer space.

Sculpted Stainless Steel Construction: Made of stainless steel inside and out, and precisely quality tested in Sub-Zero’s American manufacturing facilities. It will last not for years, but for decades.

Automatic Ice Maker: Provides clean, fresh ice with an advanced water filtration system that reduces suspended particles, chemical pollutants, bacteria, and virus.

Easy-Sliding Bins: Stainless steel bins fit neatly under refrigerator glass shelves and slide out easily for quick access.

Auto-Close Door: For maintaining maximum refrigeration, advanced hinge design allows the door to close automatically.

Flip-Up-Grille: When maintenance is required, provides easy access to water filter and condenser – flips up with a simple pull.

The dual refrigeration is a perfect high-end kitchen appliance for a large family. Sub-Zero offers a wide variety of professional models in dual refrigeration. These high-end refrigerators advanced controls, models feature, and chic stylish designs to create a bold new image for your refrigeration.